The Draper

The Draper


One response to “The Draper”

  1. Ian West says :

    You need to be careful to separate out Ezra Hadley Snr – draper who died in 1892 – and his youngest son Ezra William Hadley who took over the Brick Manufacturers business purchased in 1887 – and still in the name of his executors – Wife Maryann and son Robert) in 1900.

    After his death in 1892 the Drapers business was run by Ezra Snr’s son Richard Mason Hadley until the mid 1920s after which he became a local magistrate.

    In the meantime in 1860 Ezra’s sister Emma had married George Wood, Brickmaker and soon to be owner of the local brickworks. Once George died around 1900 the business was taken over by sons Samuel and Harry and it is these two who seemed to make a habit of meeting Ezra Jnr in court in later years and who went bankrupt in 1915.

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