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  1. Mike Fenton says :


    I have posted before back in April when I discovered I had Hadleys in my tree; however, this turned out it appears not to be a branch associated with yours. My reason for posting today relates to my current research of Oldbury in general and my continuing involvement in writing articles for various publications. With this in mind I wondered if you would be kind enough to allow me to download some of the photographs you have in yuour scrapbook/ photo album. Should my articles go to print, I would naturally credit you and your site for those used.

    Kind Regards


    • oldburyhadley says :

      Hi Mike, How are you? I have noticed you have been involved with the Bugle. In particular 12th sept. ‘Oldbury’s Vanishing Pubs’. No probs please go a head and use what you want. All to the good of promoting the Black Country. I have scanned that article with the thought of producing a ‘Bugle Clippings’ page. May I use it as and when I can get around to it. I noticed there was another article by someone (can’t remember now) highlighting Hadley’s from Langley churches.

      Bet of luck and continue the good work.


      On 28/10/2013 12:59, “Oldbury's Hadleys”

      • Mike Fenton says :

        Thank you Ian, please use anything I’ve written (to what extent the Bugle has copywright over my work is a little uncertain but woukdn’t envisage a problem) I have written for the Bugle for a few years now, predominantly covering West Bromwich & Oldbury; in the October 31st edition I covered former cinemas in these towns.

        I have tried to download some of your images but the format is such that when I go to view it, all I see is an elongated strip of all the pictures. Can you advise how i may download a single image (preferably in a j.peg format)

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