oldbury town twiceThe development of this site was born out of one initially starting an ancestry tree.

On investigating the Hadley mainline it was noticed that the sister of an ancestor had married another Hadley. On researching another line another Hadley emerged. On realising that the Hadley’s did not move out of the vicinity for over 300 years curiosity got the better.

The site is definitely in its infancy and it is anticipated that it will be ongoing

as more information is collected or amended. It is hoped it will be a site for  everyone connected to the names and locations. It therefore goes without saying that contributions or corrections to any theories or facts will be well received

title tree

rounds greenRounds Green

From the first map in 1882 of the area (see ‘The Property Location ’) it can only give you a glimpse that Rounds Green was a village with a small community just to the East of Oldbury and approximately 2 miles away from the town.

Prior to the Industrial revolution (1750 to 1840 British Industrial Revolution agriculture and manufacturing – first expansion of roads and canals second) the area was surrounded by fields and pastures hence the name Rounds Green. The rural area had few roads and houses.

The 18th century saw farming being replaced with industry. With the introduction of steelworks such as nail making and Iron foundries (1760) and the first canal being built in 1772.  Other industries followed such as coal mining and brick making causing quarries and tunnels etc. (With Ezra Hadley, the draper, owning the Blue and Red Brick and tile Manufacturer Globe Brick works in 1900) with main roads Rounds Green, Brades Road, Taylors and Newbury Lane converging.

1782 William Hunt started an edge-tool factory at ‘The Brades’ which linked farming and metal production by manufacturing tools for both farming and building industry. Thomas Hadley (See Bird in Hand) started work there in 1801.

As the years progressed so did Brades Road building development increased towards the ‘The Brades Works’ with Dingle Street and Bath Row shooting off at 90 degrees up the hill. By the time 1820 arrived Oldbury’s population was increasing as people followed the work. To keep up with demand poor quality houses were constructed. This was good business for Thomas Hadley as beer demand also increased. Workers from the foundries were dry mouthed and were regular visitors to quench their thrust after work. Some workers having ‘runners’ to help’, ‘refresh’ them at lunchtimes.

dingle streetIn 1869 a newspaper applauded the quality of ‘The Brades Works’ fine tools.

The housing developments of the 1880s began to show their weaknesses with a degrading environment. Twenty years on Dingle Street (where the headmaster lived along with other related Hadleys) and Bath Row had storm water problems. Not only were drains inadequate but, Bath Row in particular, was never properly constructed remaining as a dirt track. Rowley Hill would dispose of its weather down to the road collecting soil on the way and channeling  itself through Bath Row down towards Brades Road causing more damage in its wake. Imagine the Hadleys and their neighbours with shovels in hand ‘mucking out’ their properties and backyards.

With Rounds Green’s population and trade increasing, people’s habits were in demand such as education. Hence, the opportunity for Thomas’ son, another Thomas. (See ‘The headmaster’).

About the same time Thomas was appointed bury hill parkas Head of the school, Arthur Hadley, his nephew, was born in Bath Row in 1881 with him enrolling into the same school as a pupil at a later date.

Bury Hill Park was given to Rounds Green to mark Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. I envisage the headmaster using this to full advantage for the children of the school. The park broke away from the village with the opening of the Birmingham New Road in 1926. Thomas had died four years previous.

34 responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Mike Fenton says :

    Excellent site and well documented with great pictures. I have a William Hadley, born c. 1774 in Oldbury. He married an Elizabeth Deeley; together they had a daughter called Jane born 1810. William is my Great grandfather x 4. Is there a connection? I still live in Oldbury and pass many of the roads and streets on a daily basis.

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for those kind words. I have a Hadley family tree that’s on Family Tree Maker linking in all siblings of Hadley. As you can appreciate it is wider than it is long. This proves difficult to put on the website.
      Deeley does not immediately springs to mind but on some branches I only have the male.
      The idea of the site is for everyone to take part and give me either their family line to put on the tree or info to be put on the site,
      When I have some time i’ll look for William 1774 to see if i have him and let you know.
      In the meantime look at Black Country connections link. He may be on there.
      Thanks for the trouble of contacting me and I’ll speak hopefully later today.

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Hi mike,
      How are you?
      I noticed your artical in the Bugle this week. Very good. I may inc on the website.

  2. John Langdon Hadley says :

    Thank you for the work you are doing on the Hadley family history.
    I am a direct decedent of .George Hadley (c. 16xx – 1686) & Mary Proctor (c.1634 – 1666).
    John Langdon Hadley
    Port Angeles, Washington, USA

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Hi John,
      Thanks for your comments. On finding more I thought it was just something that had to be done. I hope it’s of use to you and others. You have done well to go back to the 1600s. I am planning further developments and to add Langley (a village close to Oldbury) to the site. It was created to generate more info. I think I need to be patient.
      Keep in touch, Ian

  3. amanda ratcliffe(nee Hadley) says :

    thankyou for this site, it was lovely to see something about my grandad George “the boxer ” Hadley. I was a Hadley that went to Rounds green school from 1969-1976 and it is nice to see that i was a part of this history………Amanda Ratcliffe(nee Hadley)

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Hiya Amanda,
      Thanks for responding and hope you, and others, enjoy. Please feel free to think this as your website and anything that you wish to add please tell, large or small. I’m hoping to add to this as I have been looking at the Elizabeth line. It would be nice to have a picture of your grandfather and to expand on any stories. My grandfather talked about George a lot.

  4. Dennis Wood says :

    Excellent website, many congratulatons! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to come across it!

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Hi Dennis how are you? Thanks for the kind comments. I hope it helps anyone connected to the name or place. It is developing well at the mo.

  5. oldburyhadley says :

    Hi mike Just to let u know I have now added to the website with census details relating to a map of the day. It doesn’t mater if we are related or not if you have any thing you wish to add to the site just let me know Thanks, Ian

    On 01/04/2013 11:53, “Oldbury's Hadleys”

  6. Bob Campbell says :

    G’day from “Down Under”. I have George Minchin b. 1863 who married Emma Hadley 14 Apr 1884 in my Family Tree. You have his father as George (The Bell Pub pages), whereas I have his father Joseph Minchin b.1837 and mother Hannah Hodgetts b. 1837. These details are confirmed here http://www.tribalpages.com/family-tree/bcconnections/289436/75043/George-Minchin-Family. Regards Bob Campbell

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Hi Bob,
      how are you? thanks for the reply to the website. Yes you are correct in Joseph but looking back on how I drew the pub chart. It’s not v clear. The 2 George’s on the tree are one of the same person. I’ll have to alter it. Thanks for pointing it out. If you have any other new/info or wish to contribute please play apart. Only too pleased to update it. Although I have not been active with this for sometime now and there are other pages I must update too


  7. Berneice Edmonds (nee Parkes) says :

    My GGGrandfather Benjamin Parkes m Elizabeth Hadley 1834. With 3 children they came to New Zealand on the “Martha Ridgeway” in 1842 and settled in Motueka in the Marlborough area. He was born 1813 and Elizabeth 1816.
    They gad in total 13 children. Where was Benjamin born? Death Certificate say’s born in Birmingham. Still haven’t found his parents.

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Hi Berneice
      Sorry for the delay in answering. I’m sorry but I haven’t ventured down that route but if you have any comments or info on Elizabeth great.


    • chay says :

      That’s my line, Elizabeth was the dau of Samuel Hadley (b abt 1781) & Elizabeth Clift.

  8. Mark Hadley says :


    Very informative site, thank you.

    My family also hail from Oldbury, both my Mothers side and my Fathers. My Mothers maiden name is Tripe.

    Mark Hadley.

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Hi mark
      Thanks for your comments. Please feel apart of the website. If you have any contributions please feel free to comment. Can you see where you fit in anywhere?


  9. Hadley H. Jones says :

    Hi Ian,
    Nice job. I am very fascinated with your web site. Indications are that my connection goes back from Shadrach Hadley [buried in Homewood Cem. in Pittsburgh , PA] to the three generations of Isaac Hadley’s, via Joseph Hadley and Nathaniel Hadley — all in England. Shadrach his wife Jane Rogers, two sons and three daughters came over here to the US around the time of the American Civil War. Two more daughters born here in the Pittsburgh area. At various times they were in Apollo, Leechburg, Vandergrift, Beaver Falls, Carnegie, Allegheny City, and Pittsburgh, PA; etc. Shadrach, and sons Tom and Joe involved with various steel making companies. Shadrach was also listed as a painter in one US Federal Census.
    Hadley H. Jones

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Thanks for the reply and positive comments. I have now received a couple of Emails from USA. Following the info I have received, I may have to start a page showing their ancestral line and where they have ended. i.e. Pittsburgh.
      I’ll note Joseph and Nathaniel. Just to confirm can I make sure which nathaniel you are talking about?

      Occasionally, I am in touch with Jim from the Hadley Society.

      Thanks, Ian

  10. Robert Hughes says :

    My Hadley line descends from joseph hadley who married sarah owen 1841 stourbridge My grt grandmother harriet hadley born around 1863 dudley married Isaiah jones they 1880 father named on cert as joseph hadley desceased later they moved to wales harriet seems to be absent from the home during 1871 census and on others I recall she is named as a cousin staying with a george and kitty hadley anothe name which is unusual appears as Appolena Hadley
    I would welcome any further info or insight thankyou

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Im so sorry that I have not responded till now. Although on the website the registers cover all the Hadleys from Halesowen Parish the focus has been on the Oldbury lines. As you can appreciate their are a considerable amount of Hadleys and unless they are born or live in Oldbury may not have been researched. I am not aware of any of the names you have mentioned but if you can link them to the town I would appreciate you letting me know.


  11. Craig Hadley says :

    Nice website. Wondering what your family tree looks like back in the 1600s. I found our roots to a Dennis Headley London b.1655 that moved to Boston, Ma., Father Robert Headle Dedham, Essex, England. It’s not a big country.

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Thanks for the compliment Craig. I wish I knew more about the 1600s. They are there somewhere in the church registers but which ones are they? Its good that you have managed to reach 1655. My impression from the research, and what I do tell people, is that if they can get back to Halesowen we are all probably related. The americans Hadleys have tried to launch a DNA project. That would be nice for Oldbury but I can not see it catching on myself.

  12. Lori Ann Hadley says :

    Daughter of John Myron Hadley Sr., AND Sandra Lee Brandenburg.
    Sisters- Wanda Sue Hadley (McDowell) married to Terry Lee McDowell.
    Penny Kay Hadley ( Goodman ) was married to William Goodman, both deceased.
    Amy Jo Hadley.
    Brothers – John Myron Hadley Jr. Married to Rose Ann Bissell
    Jeffrey Lee Hadley married to Christine West-Hadley
    Many children and grandchildren
    Grandfather Myron George Hadley married to Frances Viola Reynolds on August 26,1936.

  13. Karen Farmer Armstrong says :

    Hello from America-My 3x great grandparents were Isaac and Margaret Hadley. Their daughter, Mary was born on Mar. 31, 1805 and married John Farmer in Dudley. If anyone has anymore information about Isaac and Margaret (would love to know her maiden surname) please contact me-karen.f.armstrong@gmail.com

  14. chay says :

    Hi. My ancestors were Samuel Hadlely (1881) & Elizabeth Clift. Any idea how they fit in?

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Hi. I do believe they are. I do remember seeing Elizabeth Clift. Samuel Hadley 1789 -r: 1851 Furnace Row o: 1851 Retired lodger was the brother of Thomas Hadley (my line) 1791 – 1841 r: 1841 Rounds Green r: Bird in Hand 3 Rounds Green Rd r: Brewer o: 1841 Steel Caster o: 1851 ????

      • chay says :

        Great. Let me know if you’d like a file of what I have.

  15. Craig Drew-Dutton says :

    My Grandmother in law is Mary Drew (nee Ward) her dad, Thomas Ward ran the bird in hand after the Harley’s.

    Am trying to work out how it went from your Family to ours?

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Hi Linda.
      Thanks for your comments it’s appreciated. I must admit, I agree but I haven’t maintained this site for quite sometime now. I must update. Thanks

  16. Amanda says :


    My great great Grandmother was Mercy Hadley born Oldbury circa 1863 who marrried Isaac Mason. There first daughter Phillis Mason born May 1884 address given at time of birth Brades Road

    • oldburyhadley says :

      Hi Amanda
      With you mentioning Brades Road means we could well be related.

      • Amanda says :


        I have only just seen this reply. Mercy Hadley was my great great grandmother. I have my great grandmothers birth certificate 2nd May 1884 Phylis Mason address given at birth Brades Road.

        Where is our connection?

        What I know Mercys mother Sarah Taylor (parents Frances Taylor and Daniel Carr .) Sarah Taylor married William Degrey. Then David Hadley he died think it was 1864 from memory then John Thomas Bracknell

        Would love to hear from you.
        My email address is amandarandall@hotmail.co.uk

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